Which plants are suitable for bog soil?

Garden Experts
My holiday home is situated over a former bog, and I would like to plant not only meadow and wild herbs, but also flowers, bushes and trees. Which plants are suitable for this soil?

The GARDENA gardening expert

All those plants designated by gardeners as bog plants are suitable for your location. These include from the group of bushes azaleas, rhododendrons and enkianthus as well as the more diminutive skimmias and leucothoe. 

As far as trees are concerned, birches and Scots pines like the acidic soil. There are various garden varieties of birches, from the upright European white birch to the European weeping birch; from slit leaves to red leaves. Scots pines also come in various garden varieties, growing for example in an upright shape or in the form of a small bush. Eastern teaberry and edible blueberries, cranberries and crowberries can be used as ground cover. 

I would recommend large-berried, edible garden blueberries. Many grasses also like the acidic soil, especially if it is not too dry: Wood-rushes and sedges are particularly suitable. There is also a range of shrubs suitable for comparatively acidic, not over-dry locations. Simply look around for plants suitable for the edges of dryer stretches of water. 

You are sure to be able to find something in your local plant nursery with this information in hand. Employees at the plant nursery are also sure to be able to serve you professionally.