What should I use to get rid of bishop weed?

Garden Experts
Barbara Schneider from Park Falls, Wisconsin, has a problem with bishop weeds in her garden, and is wondering what type of product the GARDENA gardening experts are recommending.
For the Bishop's weed which is a very persistent plant it will not help to simply dig it out of the soil using a spade or hoe. Usually, the small root parts which stay in the soil will help the plant to regenerate quickly.

The best ways to get rid of the plants are:

1. Put a black foil on the weeds and wait till they are completely dead after several weeks due to lack of light and water. However, if the Bishop's weeds have mixed up with the other flowers in your flower beds it might be hard to get rid of them this way without destroying the nice flowers as well. 

2. Use biological-chimical substances which are not harmful to the environment but only to the weeds since they are applied on the leaves of the weed only.

Since we do not know what is available on your markets, see some example herbizide which contains substances like perlagonic acid and maleic hydrazide, and which is available by Neudorff for instance: http://www.neudorff.de/en/product-catalogue/finalsan-goudweedfree-concentrate.html

Facts about bishop weed

Bishop's weed is a collective name used for several diffrent plants in the garden. Bishop's weed is commonly also called ground elder, herb gerard, goutweed, and snow-in-the-mountain. The name "ground elder" comes from the superficial similarity of its leaves and flowers to those of elder. 

The plant can´grow to a height of up to 100 cm, and has broad green leaves, and white flowers. The plant like shady places.
Image: @mystuart, Flickr (used under the Creative Commons legal code)