What is the right date for cutting Saint Barbara branches?

Garden Experts
Do I have to cut Saint Barbara branches exactly on the 4th of December or can I do that later or earlier as well?

GARDENA Garden Expert

Following the commemoration to Saint Barbara you cut the branches on the 4th of December. But it is also not a problem if you cut the branches a couple of days earlier or later. You should consider, however, that the branches need three weeks to blossom. You can cut branches of Cherry, Forsythia, Juneberry, Flowering Quince or Witch Hazel. Horse chestnut also give good results. These branches should be cut after the frost so that the dormancy is broken and sprouting ability is encouraged. If there was no frost till the beginning of December, just put the branches in the freezer for two days. Perfectionists store the branches in a cool room for one night and put them into warm water afterwards (tub). Then put them into a vase where the branches have enough space. Use a special refresher for wooden branches, if available, and slant cut the stems, removing 2 to 3 cm. Put the vase at a bright and warm spot. Now you have best chances that your branches will bloom till Christmas.