Apricot tree

What is the quickest way to grow my own apricot tree?

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Hello! What is the quickest way I can get my own apricot tree?

The GARDENA gardening expert answers

The easiest way is to buy a pre-grown apricot trees, plant it and maintain it — et voila. In contrast, growing an apricot tree yourself is somewhat more difficult. To sow the seeds, you need to layer the stones through the winter in a protected area (where the frost will not be too deep) in damp, coarse sand so that germination is encouraged. The stones must then be planted in pots in March (sand:potting compost ratio of 1:1). At the end of May, repot the seedlings in pots containing potting soil, or plant them in a protected area of the garden. Protect the one-year-old plants from the frost (does not have to be completely frost-free) throughout the winter. Raise them to apricot bushes (stem height 60 cm) or small trees (trunk height 120 cm) within two to three years and plant them in the final location.

So it takes a long time, and is not entirely without its potential problems. Apricot seedlings only begin to bear their first fruits after several years and are comparatively very fast to grow. Much faster than conventional refined apricot bushes. Furthermore, from the outset there is nothing you can say about the quality of the fruit for apricot seedlings, nor about how resilient they are to frost. Commercially sold apricots are usually from the Mediterranean. Their genetics are aligned to this region, not our frosty latitude. While you could graft the two-year-old seedling with an apricot variety that suits you, you need to be capable of such a task.

All in all, you can certainly raise an apricot tree "just for fun". But when it comes to guaranteeing a return, you may be better off planting a variety that is already refined and best suits your garden and tastes.