What is important when sowing lawn?

Garden Experts
Hello there. About two weeks ago I have sowed new lawn. This was done on spots where there hasn´t been lawn before and also spots where I wanted to repair the lawn. At first I put some soil on the ground then the seeds and at last some fertiliser, Of course I was watering the relevant spots. But now at some spots the lawn grows, whereas on other areas nothing happens and the seeds are still lying there – unchanged. What shall I do?

The answer

You do not have to worry so far. Lawn shoots best at a constant temperature of about 14°C. With increasing temperatures hopefully the remaining lawn seeds will shoot as well. By the way, it is also a sign of quality lawn seeds when not all seeds shoot at the same time. You then have a good mixture of seeds which will guarantee a dense and strong lawn later on. Please abstain from the fertilising right away the next time you sow lawn. That will help to build the roots properly. If you want to fertilize, wait at least till after the first mowing.