Unevennesses in my lawn

Garden Experts
On first mowing this year, I have discovered many unevennesses in my lawn. How can I solve this problem? Is it correct that if I use a roller on it, I would densify the lawn, thus generating a risk of waterlogging?

The GARDENA gardening expert

Dear Mr. v. H., first of all it would be useful to know what is causing the unnevennesses. If they are caused through the hummocks of earth produced by worms, or sand hummocks produced by lawn ants, then these can easily be smoothed off using a rake. Depending on the soil structure and the weather conditions in winter, parts of the turf may have frozen und risen up. Here, rolling the lawn as you mentioned would in fact prove expedient. In fact, lawn rollers for home gardens do not have the potential to densify a well-structured soil in a problematic manner. The lawn surface is rolled even during sowing of the lawn. Ground densification and waterlogging only occur if the ground is excessively densified. Here the rolling itself would no longer be the main problem, and structural soil improvements would be required even without the use of a roller.