Planting apricot bushes and roses

Garden Experts
When is the best time to plant an apricot bush, and what must I observe when planting? I would like to remove old roses from a bed and replace them with new ones. What should I observe?

The GARDENA gardening expert

When planting an apricot bush, observe two main things: the location and the planting depth. The location means that you should give this stone fruit a warm place protected against late frosts. I have mine against the south wall of my house, raised on a ladder trellis. The plant depth means that the point of grafting; the “knot” over the roots, must remain over the earth and must not be covered with soil, even at a later date, for example when filling up the bed.

If your current roses have been located in this position for longer than two to three years, you cannot plant new roses directly in the same place. To do this, you would need to replace the soil, or to wait for three to five years so that the soil can recover.
However, I have a tip for you! Remove the old roses as quickly as possible, and in the middle of May, densely sow out large marigolds (Tagetes erecta) onto the bed. By autumn, the marigold root excretions will have driven root nematodes out of the former rose bed, so that you can then already plant your desired roses the next spring! Simply allow the marigolds to freeze in autumn, and then work them into the soil. It would be good for roses if you dig horse, cow or chicken dung deep into the soil once you have cleared the bed.
As far as the variety is concerned, I recommend roses with good leaf resistance – you will have more enjoyment from these than from those which you have to spray. 

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