My 'money tree' is constantly losing leaves

Garden Experts
In my room I have a Pachira aquatica (money tree), which in the meantime has reached an impressive height of 90 cm and a crown width of 80 cm, thus taking up quite a lot of space in my workroom! Yet at the moment it is fading and losing its leaves. Can I and may I prune back such a plant, and if yes, by how much? Many thanks for your reply – and well done for setting up this Newsletter! Your gardening enthusiast and reader, Wolfgang O.

The GARDENA gardening expert

Dear Mr. O. – many thanks for the compliment! The money tree is highly amenable to being pruned back. Basically, you could cut the plant back to one hand's width over the roots, (or far higher), and it would bud again. The best time for pruning is approximately the end of February / begining of March, when the light becomes stronger again. You should water the plant appropriately after pruning it back, and fertilise it slightly (emphasis on nitrogen), for example using foliage plant fertiliser or compound fertiliser.
That the plant loses leaves in this dark time of year is quite normal. 

Your plant likes to get rid of its oldest leaves during these weeks. The darker its surroundings and the less or more unevenly it has been fertilised during the months prior to this, the more leaves it will lose.