My hibiscus is covered with white powder or mildew. What can I do?

Garden Experts
I got myself a new hibiscus early in September. I planted it in the front yard. After just one day it started to wilt and turned yellow. Meanwhile, all the leaves and blossoms fell off. All the surrounding plants like roses or common holly are covered with a white powder which cannot be washed off. What could that be?

The answer

The Hibiscus is a great plant for warm and sunny places. From the distance it is hard to judge why it has lost all blossoms and leaves. What I can guess is that the powder you are talking about is probably mildew. This fungal disease often occurs in humid heat. The spores fly to the plant and if the conditions are favourable (weather, microclimate,…) the disease breaks out. There are various remedies for leaf fungus. When you plant new plants, choose more resistant varieties, especially for roses. Also, leave sufficient space between the single plants so that the leaves can easily dry off after rain. But when mildew has already affected your plants, get some advice in a garden center and choose the right herbizide. Also, cut off the affected leaves and branches to get rid of the pest.