My bamboo is spreading all over the garden

Garden Experts
Dear Mr. Kötter, my bamboo is spreading all over the garden, supplanting other plants and therefore, I want to get rid of it. What can I do besides dig everything up? The offshoots are coming up through the lawn and between bed plants. Many thanks for your answer.

The GARDENA gardening expert

You have been caught by a garden classic, Ms. P.: When a spreading bamboo is planted without a root blocker, it always spreads over time throughout the garden, it can even come up on garden paths and between terrace boards. Now you have a Sisyphean task ahead of you as all offshoots must be consequently dug up – this must be done until they no longer grow back. A chemical control method unfortunately does not exist. If you planted the bamboo yourself, then the work falls back on you. If a garden colleague of mine planted them and should have known better, then you should speak to him. So: Only plant the thicket-growing bamboo without a root blocker and such a mishap will not happen again!

Photo: © lily - Fotolia