Mushrooms in the grass

Garden Experts
Dear Mr. Kötter, we have mushrooms growing in our garden, always in the same place. They look like field mushrooms. We also find brown patches on parts of the lawn. Please could you advise me on how to destroy the fungi? When I touch them, the spores fly up and are distributed for further growth. I would be delighted if you could help me.

The GARDENA gardening expert

It would be helpful to determine the exact fungi in order to ascertain precisely its specific characteristics. However, in general, dear Ms. M., the fact that standing fungi are making an appearance indicates that a lot of organic matter is present in the ground, which the fungi can process. As soon as this matter is removed, the problem should lessen or be remedied completely. You can suppress the distribution of pores by destroying the standing fungi in the early stages of their development. This is an essential part of your attack, and should be carried out before the caps open out and the spores ripen. In addition, fungi generally like an acidic soil. If you condition the affected areas with large amount of lime, e.g. with 100 to 200 grammes of agricultural lime per square metre, this will contribute towards them being able to proposer less or not at all.