Mouldy Blackberries and Grapevines

Garden Experts
Dear Mr. Kötter, can you help me? I have a thorn-less blackberry and a grapevine in my garden. This year, both have had abundant fruit but many of the berries are mouldy. Until now, I have not used any chemicals but what would you advise? Please let me know the approximate time for application.

The GARDENA gardening expert

Both plants have been infested with mildew, Ms. M. As to the treatment, I would recommend the use of environmentally-friendly fungicide (e.g. Net-Sulphur WG, Atempo Copper-FungusFree, both from Neudorff). The application time period for your blackberries is from March until July and for the vine, from May to August.

Photo:  © Vladyslav Siaber -