Moles in the lawn

Garden Experts
Dear Sir or Madam, thank you for your Gardena Emails. I have the problem that a mole is doing great damage in my garden. Do you have a recommendation on how to get rid of this unwelcome guest?

The GARDENA gardening expert

Dear Mr H., in my opinion, the most important method of driving away moles is currently the “Lavender oil” method. There are of course various ways of making life intolerable for moles (according to the Nature Conservation Act, you are not allowed to catch them, only drive them away), many of which work using acoustics. I personally prefer the olfactory agents, as moles are exceptionally sensitive to smell. And they really cannot stand lavender oil! You can find the appropriate commercial products for example in the Neudorff range (such as Maulwurf-Schreck or Maulwurf-Stopp).
Once you have driven away the moles, destroy their passageways, so that no root voles move in as “sub-tenants”.