How long do I water my Petunias?

Garden Experts
Melinda H. from Utah, United States used the "Submit your own question" form to ask us how much water the petunias in her garden need?

The answer

Proper watering keeps your petunia plants healthy and helps them produce rich blooms, which will last from spring until fall. Regular irrigation is a must for these low-maintenance flowers. Petunias are mildly drought-tolerant, but regular watering helps keeping the flowers in constant bloom. Petunias prefer full sunlight, so be aware, container plants may dry out more quickly during hot weather periods. During such periods the plants require two daily waterings. Bedded plants need water when the top 12-15 cm (5-6 inches) begin to dry. Bedded plants need once-a-week a deep watering. Deep watering helps the plants produce long and healthy roots. But be careful, like all plants, petunias may perish if they don't get enough or if they get too much water. It always depends on the local wheather conditions. If you would like to automize this work, we recommend to install an automized drip irrigation system from GARDENA.
Image: Wendy Cutler, Flickr (used under the Creative Commons legal code)