How can I get rid of goutweed?

Garden Experts
I have a lot of goutweed in my garden and only succeed in combating it in a few places, and even then it is only temporary. Can I perhaps use the entire plant for composting without the roots, leaves or the leaves including the stems, or is the plant so robust that even these parts of the plant can grow roots? I'm really curious, thanks.

The GARDENA gardening expert answers

If you literally only add goutweed leaves or stems without any root bits or seeds to your compost, nothing will happen. Not even resilient goutweed can regenerate in this way. Leaves, leaf stems and flowers can all be composted. You can let the material wilt at the surface first; then you have less bulk to transport. Or you can compost it on the surface straight away. Especially if it is very hot, the material dries very quickly and can then be dug directly into the soil.

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