Cutting boxwood and getting rid of ground elder

Garden Experts
Dear Mr Kötter, when should I prune boxwood? Also, my garden is overrun with ground elder. How can I get rid of it permanently?

The GARDENA gardening expert

The best time to prune boxwood is just before the buds form so that the cuts coalesce more quickly. It can be worth pruning them a second time in mid-July at the end of the annual new growth period. This approach is particularly recommended for box topiary. If topiary shaping still underway, you need to prune twice to get the shape you want more quickly. Prune once in mid-June, followed by a light application of mineral fertiliser. The plant then puts on a vigorous growth spurt at the end of June, so can be reshaped in mid to late July.
As for the ground elder, now is the time to eat them as the new leaves are the tastiest. Use the young leaves in salad dressings, cooked like spinach or finely chopped and mixed with olive oil and sea salt on spaghetti and seasoned with grated Parmesan. I have frequently given advice about tackling ground elder on this site.