Can you give me help with overwintering my Tigridia?

Garden Experts
I sowed tigridia in spring, they grew great and three of them bloomed fantastic. But how can I overwinter them? Thank you for your answer.

The answer

The Tigridia pavonia is a tuber from Middle America and not winter-hardy in most European regions. So better take it out of the soil before frost, let the foliage get back in and clean the tuber, as you know it from the Dahlia or the Canna indica or rather the summer blooming bulb flowers like gladiolus. Overwinter the tuber at a dark and dry place at about 8°C frost-free. If you have the tigridia in a pot you can keep it dry in there so that it can regress. Then overwinter it outside from the pot like mentioned above. With the beginning of March you can repot it. Start watering and increase temperatures at a bright location. In the middle of May it´s okay to put the plant outside but do not forget to do that slowly so that the plant gets used to the outside environment.