Boxwood with a yellowish colour

Garden Experts
Dear Mr Kötter, I have a strange problem with my boxwood shrubs, all of which are still quite young. I have a line of different boxwood shrubs planted directly in my garden. Some of them are healthy and green, whereas others have branches turning a yellow/rust colour. I also have half a dozen of them in large pots. In two of the pots, the shrubs have this same discolouration, but the shrubs in all the other pots look very healthy.

The GARDENA gardening expert

Your description suggests that your plants are suffering from a fungal disease. Without actually seeing the problem, it is difficult for me to identify which fungal disease it is. However, I have found some information for you. Please look at the symptoms described on the following website to check if it is box blight (Cylindrocladium buxicola):  .

Alternatively, you can of course also email me some photos of your boxwood problem and I will have another look.