Bavarian kiwis in a plant pot

Garden Experts
Dear Mr. Kötter, is it possible to keep Bavarian kiwis (self-pollinating) in a plant pot (D = 36 cm, H = 40 cm)? Location: full sun, apparatus present around which the plant can climb. Can you let me know an alternative if this is not possible? Thank you very much!

The GARDENA gardening expert

Bavarian kiwis are certainly creepers that grow comparatively quickly. Depending on the shape, the plant pot that you have suggested has a volume of around 35 liters of earth. This volume is quite tight in terms of the space available for the roots in order for the kiwi to be able to flourish a reasonable amount in the long-term. Therefore, I advise replanting the plant—depending on root penetration—every two years, and no more than every three years, in fresh, high-quality earth that contains a high level of clay. When planting, be sure to keep the plant consistently moist (i.e. the plant should never be extremely dry or wet, the site has full sun! What happens when you are away? Automatic irrigation?), especially during the period when the plant bears fruit. Also ensure that excess water (especially in the winter [if the receptacle is even frost-proof]) can definitely drain away, e.g. place "feet" underneath. With regard to fertilization, I recommend supplying the kiwi plant with two to three grams of slow-release fertilizer per liter of soil from April (six-month fertilizer), to which you can add light complete fertilizer as necessary.