Ants on the terrace

Garden Experts
The ant hills on the lawn and under the paving slabs are here again — it's the same every year. There seems to be more and more, they are crawling everywhere... I'm sure you have some tips from experience.

The answer

You are right, the ants definitely come back every year. Even if you tackle the ants successfully this year, using a common ant killer preparation, living conditions in your garden are clearly good enough for them to quickly re-establish themselves. A young ant queen will swarm out every June and September to find herself a stomping ground.

Since the often-quoted baking powder tip is most definitely an old wives' tale, the best long-term measures to take against the creepy-crawlies are construction measures. For example, lay slabs in gravel or mortar rather than sand. Regarding the lawn itself, ants particularly like warm, bare patches with a sandy floor. That makes them more common on sports fields and playgrounds than closely-matted decorative lawns. So: Aim for as dense a lawn as possible, through seed choice, fertilization and care (including lime!), and the ants will have a harder time in your garden.