Close-up of a dandelion being pulled from the ground with a GARDENA weed puller

Control weeds with care

Discover a smarter way to tackle weed control in your garden with GARDENA's innovative tools. Weeding, often regarded as a tiresome and disliked task, is essential for maintaining the beauty of your garden. That's why GARDENA has developed intelligent new tools that make weeding easier and more efficient, allowing you to achieve stunning results effortlessly. With GARDENA's innovative approach to weed control, you can keep your garden beautiful without the frustration.

Always the right tool 

Discover the range that makes weeding easy, effective and eco-friendly.

A person removing weeds from the bed with a GARDENA grubber rake


Ideal tools to loosen and collect weeds.

Several GARDENA weed removal tools for walks, driveways and patios

Walks, driveways and patios

Efficient weed removal even with varying joints.

A woman holding a weed puller with a dandelion


Ideal for removing dandelions and other weeds.

Illustration of a removed dandelion saying


For gardeners, that want to remove weeds precisely – no big holes will be left behind.

Illustration of a toxic spray saying

No chemicals needed

With GARDENA‘s manual range, gardeners just remove the weeds and don‘t harm the environment.

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25 years warranty

GARDENA offers 25 years warranty on the complete weeding range.

GARDENA products stand for high quality, reliability and trustworthy performance. Therefore, we offer 25 years warranty on our combisystem range.
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Flexible for each weeding task.

Weed Puller

combisystem 3in1 Patio Cleaner

combisystem Grubber-Rake

Weeding Trowel