Key Visual Hose Reels

Hose Reels

Frost-proof, kink-resistant and durable hose storage. No more bending, cranking and dirty hands!

robotic lawn mower is mowing the lawn

The intelligent robotic lawnmower. SILENO.

SILENO works under all weather conditions, rain or sunshine. Easy or complex lawns.



Precise, puddle-free watering

woman watering flowers

10 golden rules for watering

Your plants need plenty of water Especially during summer. How do you water your plants correctly? Here are 10 useful tips for your water management. 

a woman standing next to the plants in her apartment with a packed travel bag

Gardening for beginners - a quick guide

Many people dream of having a stunning, flourishing garden, but the constraints of time and limited finances can often dash those dreams. However, fear not! Here are seven valuable tips specifically designed for gardening rookies and novices to help you achieve gardening success.



Easy solutions for watering on your balcony

Five solutions for watering plants on the balcony without a tap

How can you water plants properly when there’s no tap on the balcony? Drip irrigation kits, water storage pots, smart watering systems or even watering cones are all options to make this easier.