Whether large or small areas, GARDENA offers the ideal sprinkler for every garden and lawn.
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Precise, puddle-free watering

Sprinkler in the middle of a flowerbed

Precise, even watering of lawns, beds and hedges

In the modern GARDENA Sprinkler range, there is a sprinkler for almost every garden size and shape. Use the filter below to find the right sprinkler for your needs.

Oscillating Sprinkler

Oscillating sprinklers

For areas of 1,000 to 3,700 Sq. Ft.. For even, puddle-free watering of square and rectangular areas.

Wide Range Sprinkler

Pulsating Sprinklers

For areas up to 5,300 Sq. Ft.. Fine adjustment to sector or full circle distribution.


A Gardena AquaCount Water Meter attached to an Oscillating Sprinkler

New: Oscillating Sprinkler AquaCount

Watering gardens with measured care.

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