GARDENA has gardening tools for all areas in your outdoor home: For cultivating, planting, raking, sweeping, digging, snow shovelling and so on.
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An older man and a young woman working on a raised bed with Gardena Combisystem Products

Quick facts

The GARDENA combisystem range offers the right attachment all year round.

Let your tool family grow with GARDENA combisystem.

Interchangeable. Durable. For any gardening task.

Logo 25 year warranty

Gardening tools with a 25-year warranty

The GARDENA combisystem includes everything you need for cultivating soil in vegetable patches and flowerbeds. It will also help you with tidying garden paths and clearing fallen leaves from lawns. GARDENA products stand for high quality, reliability and trustworthy performance. Therefore, we offer 25 years warranty on our combisystem range. *After registration at within 3 months after purchase. Warranty conditions at

Range of Gardena combisystem Products


GARDENA combisystem allows for flexible combinations due to interchangeable attachments for any gardening task.

Gardena Patio Weeder

Firm and ergonomic grip

GARDENA combisystem tools are especially compact and easy to use. A specially shaped handle with soft components allows a secure grip and comfortable work.

A woman raking leaves on a lawn with a Gardena combisystem product

For a comfortable working position

Easily extend the combisystem tool with an adjustable handle

A woman adding a broom to a combisystem Handle

Wobble-free connection

The GARDENA combisystem handle and attachments connect perfectly together to provide a tight fit. This reliable technology guarantees your tools stay wobble-free while you work.

Close-up of a combisystem Hoe

Corrosion protection

All GARDENA combisystem Hand Tools are made of high-quality steel and are coated with Duroplast to protect the products from corrosion.

A boy working in a flowerbed with Gardena combisystem products

Working in your garden should be relaxing and hassle-free

The big benefit of the GARDENA combisystem tools is that they can be so easily attached to a handle, providing a flexible and comfortable gardening experience.


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