Winter Tools

GARDENA Winter Tools are extremely helpful when it's cold outside. Clearing snow, removing ice spots or trodden snow and spreading salt, sand or grit are all much easier.
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Get ready for winter

Range of Gardena Winter Tools

Be prepared for the upcoming winter

GARDENA's Winter Tools are extremely helpful when the cold Canadian winter hits and you need to keep the driveways and paths clean of snow and ice. The snow shovels and the ice scrapers are part of the reliable combisystem and fit perfectly with combisystem handles.

A woman shoveling snow with a Gardena Snow Shovel

Light and sturdy

The GARDENA combisystem Snow Shovel is made of robust-, wear-resistant- and flexible plastic. Thanks to the robust stainless steel edge, it is especially well-suited for smooth surfaces like driveways.

A man shoveling snow with a Gardena Snow Scoop

Easily clear large quantities of snow

The big GARDENA Snow Scoop is a great help, especially in severe winters with larger areas to clear quickly.

A Gardena Ice Scraper

Effective ice- and dirt breaker

The combisystem Ice Scraper is the right tool for dangerous ice spots, trodden snow or stubborn dirt. The combisystem product is simply connected to a handle and screwed tight. The reliable technology guarantees wobble-free scraping.

A person using a Gardena Small Caster to spread salt and grit

Keep paths clear from snow and ice

The GARDENA Small Caster with it's unique dosage system makes it easy to evenly spread sand, salt and grit – without getting your hands dirty!

A woman shoveling snow with a Gardena combisystem snowshovel

Get ready for winter

We all dream of a white winter to light up the dark days and nights, but we all want to stay safe. So don't let a slippery pathway spoil it for you.


Garden inspiration

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Special on overwintering plants

For the whole summer, you have nourished and looked after your potted plants. Now winter and the risks it brings might be threatening your plants. We would like to give you a few helpful tips to help you take good care of your potted plants.

Feeding squirrels in winter

In winter, squirrels are active for only a few hours a day. In this time, they need to find all the food they need. Should you feed squirrels and, if so, what should you give them?

Everything you have always wanted to know about citrus trees and overwintering them

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