A man using a GARDENA branch pruner

Garden care tools

GARDENA offers a complete range of hand tools, garden care tools, spades, and accessories to assist you in all aspects of your gardening needs. Whether you have an established garden or are planning a new project, our tools are designed to help you with tasks related to your flower and vegetable beds, ensuring that your garden thrives and flourishes.

Gardening tools

The right tools for the jobs in your garden

The GARDENA combisystem is a versatile and practical solution that seamlessly integrates various handles with a wide range of tools, allowing you to easily tackle numerous garden tasks. With the ability to use a single handle for multiple gardening tools, such as a rake, hoe, or even a snow shovel, this clever system offers convenience and flexibility. The GARDENA combisystem hand tools are perfect companions for tending to flowerpots, smaller flower beds, and vegetable gardens. For more demanding tasks, our Terraline™ range sets new standards in digging tools, delivering exceptional features and convenience for heavier work.

Several GARDENA gardening tools assembled on a wallmounted rack


GARDENA has gardening tools for all areas in your outdoor home: For cultivating, planting, raking, sweeping, digging, snow shovelling and so on.
A person working in the garden soil with their hand shovel

Garden Tools

Complete your garden with the essential GARDENA Garden Tools that are designed for a variety of major applications. Crafted with high-quality handles and durable tools made of premium steel or high-quality plastic, our products provide a sturdy and reliable solution for comfortable handling and long-lasting durability.
A person using their GARDENA spade

Digging tools

With the ErgoLine and NatureLine Range, GARDENA sets new standards for digging tool ergonomics, features and design.
A GARDENA snow shovel in usage

Winter Tools

When the cold weather arrives, GARDENA Winter Tools become invaluable for tackling the challenges of winter. Whether it's clearing snow, removing ice spots or compacted snow, or spreading salt, sand, or grit, our winter tools are designed to make these tasks much easier.

Garden helpers

Everything your garden needs

There are many small but useful tools which can complement your garden work and make it much easier. For cleaning up your garden, GARDENA offers the Leaf & Lawn collector, which helps tidy up your lawn from leaves and other debris.

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