Hose Trolleys / Reels
Wall Hose Bracket with hose
Wall Hose Bracket with hose


Starter set with bracket and hose

For storing the hose, it is simply wound around the Wall Hose Bracket. Always ready-to-use. There are practical hanging options for nozzles, sprayers or sprinklers. Always accessible when you need them. For long enjoyment while watering.

Технически спецификации

Артикул № 18005-20
EAN-Code: 4078500002264


Дължина на маркуча 20 m
Диаметър на маркуча 13 mm
Макс. капацитет 15 мм (5/8") 35 m 13 mm (1/2"), 25 m 15 mm (5/8"), 20 m 19 mm (3/4")

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