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No garden is complete without the GARDENA Garden Tools for all major applications. The high-quality handle and robust tools made of quality steel or high-quality plastic form a sturdy product, for comfortable handling and a long durability.

10 year warranty_web only

The 10-year warranty ensures high quality

* For detailed warranty conditions, please refer to the enclosed operating manual or online at www.gardena.com/warranty. This warranty does not affect your legal warranty claims.

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Certified wood

The European wood is 100% FSC® certified. Only wood from exemplary managed forests is used for GARDENA handles.


Guaranteed stable

The handle made from varnished beechwood and the tool form a robust connection without wobbling.


Firm and ergonomic grip

GARDENA small tools are especially compact and easy to use. A specially shaped handle with soft components allows a secure grip and comfortable work.

Показване - / - продукти
For convenient insertion of flower bulbs.
Артикул № : 3487-20
За засаждане на разсад
Отделен държач
Артикул № : 3503-20
Ред, ред, ред - За индивидуално монтиране на стената или като допълнение на закачалката за инструменти ГАРДЕНА
Всяко нещо си има място – това прави подреждането забавно
Weeding Trowel
Артикул № : 8935-20
For easy weed removal.
Classic Hand Trowel
Артикул № : 8950-20
For planting and transplanting
Classic Towel
Артикул № : 8951-20
For planting and transplanting in narrow flower boxes and flowerbeds
Classic Flower Fork
Артикул № : 8952-20
For root-friendly planting and transplanting
Large Hand Trowel
Артикул № : 8953-20
For planting and transplanting and for digging tasks
Практичен комплект с многофункционална кана за всички любители градинари
Balcony Box
Артикул № : 8970-20
The perfect set for balcony and terrace gardeners.
Balcony Box
Артикул № : 8970-30
The perfect set for balcony and terrace gardeners.
Удобно и равномерно разпределение на пясък, сол и чакъл.