Keep your garden neat and tidy

It´s often the accessories and other useful help that make the difference to a job well planned and well done.

Useful accessories

GARDENA brings you a range of accessories to ensure you have everything you need for the chores around the house and garden.


Remove weeds without bending down

The GARDENA weeding trowel ensures easy and efficient removal of weeds - particularly troublesome and stubborn dandelions.


Get clean bed edges

With this bed edging, you will easily and quickly achieve clean bed edges for a aesthetically pleasng appearance and a clear division between bed and lawn.


Extra tools that will make your garden work easier

For cleaning up your garden, GARDENA offers the mobile garden cart that can be pulled wherever you need it in your garden. Or use the gripper or the weeding trowel to help you get rid of wast or dandelions - without bending down or getting you hands dirty.