combisystem Fruit Picker

combisystem Fruit Picker


25 years warranty web only

25-year warranty

The 25-year warranty ensures best quality.


Extremely durable

The GARDENA Fruit Picker is made of sturdy plastic and is highly robust. The rugged catch bag is made of net material, to be able to see waht's inside.


Makes fruit picking easy

The GARDENA combisystem Fruit Picker is optimally suited for conveniently picking fruit directly from the tree. Small tines between the plastic prongs make it easy to pick even smaller fruits. All fruits are collected in the sturdy catch bag, in which the contents are clearly visible. The carrying handle ensures convenient harvesting for short trees or low-hanging branches even without the use of the combisystem handle. To effortlessly reach all areas of the tree, the operating angle can be individually adjusted with the quick-lock lever. The Fruit Picker is compatible with all GARDENA combisystem handles, whereby GARDENA recommends the telescopic handles for picking at a height of approx. 5 meters. 25-year warranty.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 3110-20
EAN-Code: 4078500311007


Use Fruit picking
Warranty 25 years

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