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Smart partnerships for the garden

With our GARDENA smart system, intelligent watering and lawn care is at your fingertips in our smart app anytime and anywhere. For an even richer smart gardening experience, we now partner with leading manufacturers of connected devices and integrate their products in our app*. Netatmo’s outdoor security camera is the first device from a partnering company to integrate with the GARDENA smart system. Further connected devices and services will follow.

Be aware of what happens in your garden with Netatmo Presence

smart partnership for your garden

Placed outside the house, Presence, Netatmo’s outdoor security camera, distinguishes between people, cars and animals. The camera analyses in real-time if someone loiters around the home, if a car enters the driveway or if a pet is in the yard. Presence also has an integrated smart floodlight which can be set to detect and scare off any unwanted visitors or to light up the way when it is dark. Learn more.

From your GARDENA smart app you can directly switch on and off Presence’s integrated smart floodlight and see a snapshot view of your garden. This is particularly convenient in the dark season! And of course you can look forward to next spring, when you can enjoy a view into your garden anytime and anywhere right from your GARDENA smart app. Stay tuned for more features and the integration of further Netatmo devices for an optimized control of irrigation and lawn care.

Connecting your partner device to the GARDENA smart app is easy

Include your device

Include your device

After the initial setup in the partner app, compatible devices can easily be included in the same way as GARDENA smart system devices.
Link your partner account

Link your partner account

The inclusion process will guide you to the partner site in order to connect your partner account with your GARDENA smart system.
Ready to go

You are ready to go

Use your partner device right from the GARDENA smart app.

*All compatibilities are subject to availability