A beautiful lawn is the centrepiece of your garden

Correct lawn care is key to ensuring your lawn stays green and looking good. Cover all aspects of your lawn care with GARDENA. .

Robotic Lawnmowers

Article No. : 15001-28
The Robotic Lawnmower for small urban gardens up to 250 m²
smart SILENO city Set
Article No. : 19066-28
The smart Robotic Lawnmower for urban gardens up to 500 m²
smart SILENO Set
Article No. : 19060-28
GARDENA smart SILENO. Let it mow and enjoy your free time.
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Mechanical Grass Shears

Comfort Grass Shears, rotatable
Article No. : 8735-30
Flexible Grass Shears – comfortable and ergonomic
Comfort Long-Handled Grass Shears
Article No. : 12100-20
The convenient way to cut lawn edges – without bending down
Classic Grass Shears
Article No. : 8730-30
The starter shears in top quality. Subject to previous agreement.
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