city gardening products for terraces and roof terraces

Plenty of green, however small the space: Find helpful products for city gardening on terraces and roof terraces.
Compact and ready for immediate use – for small gardens and terraces
Terrace Hose Box 10 m
Article No. : 18400-20
Space-saving box for balcony, terrace and small gardens
Terrace Spiral Hose
Article No. : 18401-20
7.5 m Spiral Hose set with integrated bracket
Outdoor Cooling Mist Set
Article No. : 13135-20
Flexible system with Micro Mist Nozzles for cool refreshment
Micro Mist Nozzles
Article No. : 13136-20
Micro Mist Nozzles for use in the Outdoor Cooling Mist Set
Terrace Hose 10 m
Article No. : 18424-20
Spiral Hose that coils back
Starter Set Flower Pots S
Article No. : 13000-32
Convenient watering of flower pots
Starter Set Flower Pots M
Article No. : 13001-20
Care-free and water-saving irrigation
Care-free and water-saving irrigation - automatic