Balcony, roof terrace or small city garden #growanyspace

GARDENA city gardening lets you unleash your passion for gardens, however small the space. Looking for the green in the city? Look no further! GARDENA city gardening helps you make the city greener, more colourful and more enjoyable! Start right outside your own door.
GARDENA city gardening for balcony, roof terrace and small urban garden

Gardening is everywhere - Including the heart of the city

The trend is unmissable - more and more people are being drawn to urban living and they want to bring their own, private green oasis with them. After all, living centrally and having your own green space isn’t mutually exclusive. More and more plants are blossoming, sprouting and flourishing on balconies, garden terraces and roof terraces. Our motto is: #growanyspace


Balcony Box
Article No. : 8970-30
The perfect set for balcony and terrace gardeners.
NatureUp! Basic Set Vertical
Article No. : 13150-20
Modular system for easy greening of walls
NatureUp! Basic Set Corner
Article No. : 13153-20
Modular system for easy greening of walls
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Terrace and roof terrace

city gardening Wall-Mounted Hose Box automatic 15 m
Article No. : 18402-20
Compact Wall-Mounted Hose Box – for small gardens and terraces
Terrace Hose Box 10 m
Article No. : 18400-20
Space-saving box for balcony, terrace and small gardens
Terrace Spiral Hose
Article No. : 18401-20
7.5 m Spiral Hose set with integrated bracket
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Small urban garden

Handspreader M
Article No. : 431-20
For even distribution of spreading material on smaller areas
Comfort Sensitive Plant Sprayer
Article No. : 18321-20
Convenient sprayer for gentle watering of sensitive plants
Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx
Article No. : 8127-20
Compact Oscillating Sprinkler for small and medium-sized areas
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