Harvest time for pumpkins

Garden Life
The harvest time for winter pumpkins depends heavily on the variety. However, it can generally be stated that the pumpkin harvest begins between the end of August and the end of October. With a few little tricks you can quickly find out when your pumpkin can be harvested.
Once the growth phase of the pumpkins is over, the stalks become dry and woody. If the stalk is very woody, the pumpkin can be harvested immediately. A distincitve characteristic of ripeness is when the pumpkin displays a rich colour, meaning it is ready to be harvested. A further sign to look out for of winter pumpkin's ripeness is a hollow sound when you tap the pumpkin. However do not harvest too late! As soon as a first frost comes over the delicious vegetable, the fruit should no longer be harvested.

During the harvest itself, ensure the pumpkins are not damaged. If pumpkins are squashed or otherwise damaged, a rotting process may begin, impairing both the flavour, and enjoyment of the home-grown pumpkin. After harvesting, wash your pumpkins thoroughly so no bacteria or fungi can multiply in the soil residue, then proceed to store the pumpkin in a dry place. Those observing all these tips can look forward to a successful pumpkin harvest.

Still no idea what to do with your pumpkins? No problem, here's a delicious recipe for you to cook:

Pumpkin vegetables:
1 courgette
½ leek
1 bell pepper
½ pumpkin
Vegetable stock
Optional feta cheese

Wash and finely chop the vegetables. Then place everything in a large pot or pan and sauté. Repeatedly douse with vegetable stock. Allow the stock to increasingly soak in to form a smooth sauce. Optionally, you can dice feta cheese and mix in to add a tangy flavour to the dish. Rice or potatoes are suitable side dishes.