Get your own tomato seeds

Garden Life
Are you a tomato enthusiast? Would you like to enjoy the same tasty tomatoes each year in your own garden? Today, we explain how to get the best out of your tomato seeds, all you need is a ripe strong tomato.

The first step is to cut the tomato into two halves. Then rub the two halves against each other above a bowl, so that the seeds and the pulp will be loosened from the skin of the tomato. Now you have two options:
The first one is to pick the seeds from the pulp, put them on kitchen paper and let them dry. If you plant these seeds in your garden, it might take some time before they begin to germinate. The reason for this is the outer layer of the seeds hinders quick germination. This layer needs to be removed by the plant itself before germination.

Another option is that you remove this layer which hinders germination. This can be done by putting the seeds with the pulp into a glass and filling it up with water. The glass should be placed in a warm place for three days. Stir the liquid in the glass once a day. Be careful not to exceed the recommended time of three days, otherwise the seeds will begin to germinate. After this fermentation process you sieve the liquid, put some fresh water into the glass and shake it carefully. This helps the seeds get rid of the remaining pulp. This procedure should be repeated until the water stays clear. The last step, put the clean seeds on kitchen paper and let them dry. If you plant these seeds into soil, you will see that the germination process will occur much more promptly because there is no layer which hinders germination.

For storage you put the seeds into a glass with a twist-off lid. If you have seeds from different tomato varieties, we recommend to mark each single glass accordingly. You can store the glasses at a dark and cool place. This way, the tomato seeds will stay capable of germinating for about eight years.