Fundamental information on basic equipment for gardeners

Garden Life
Do you use your garden simply as an outdoor studio to 'paint' highly individual pictures of plants as the mood takes you? If so, this needs imagination and the right tools. Ideally, you need tools which sit well in your hand because of their ergonomic grip, tools with innovative technology which deliver first-class results and - not least - tools which look really good. GARDENA provides these tools so that regular gardening does not become heavy going.

Which tools should never be missing from your garden shed?

GARDENA combisystem hand tools are the right partners for regular soil care. Hand hoes, hand grubbers and two-star tillers loosen soil without damaging roots. They are characterised by their ease-of-use and great ergonomics. A hand trowel made of high-quality steel for planting and transplanting plants is a vital piece of equipment. The GARDENA combisystem rake for levelling beds and ensuring a fine soil structure is still a classic. The best news is this: Nobody needs to bend over to do the gardening. There is a suitable tool/handle combination for every single application - according to the practical combisystem principle: Attach, screw tight and you're ready to go!

When maintaining trees and shrubs, tackle smaller branches with the GARDENA BP 50 premium garden shears. These bypass shears look classy and cut off each branch with precision. GARDENA loppers are suitable for cutting thicker branches. Innovative drive technology and ergonomic grips make work easier. If there isn't enough space for the loppers, the StarCut 160 BL tree and shrub loppers can be used. Thanks to their internal pull cable and energy saving transmission mechanism, they cut through branches effortlessly without getting tangled up. Don't forget to water when you've finished! Whether sprayers or nozzles, GARDENA has the right piece of equipment for every requirement. All watering aids can be connected effortlessly at any time to a hose or other connection device, such as an oscillating sprinkler, by means of the Original GARDENA System.