the right cutting height for your lawn
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The right cutting height

Every gardener dreams of a luscious, green, healthy lawn. But knowing when to mow and how high your grass should be can be a little tricky. As a general rule, never mow when the grass is wet, fertilise regularly and mow regularly. Read on for more lawn tips and advice.

If your lawn is purely decorative, it can be kept a little shorter. Generally, however, cutting it too short damages the grass plants. Therefore, the cutting height should be set to at least three centimetres.
Generally, you should mow as regularly as possible. A frequent mulching cut is ideal, where the short cut grass remains on the lawn and thus serves as natural fertiliser. In the normal growth phase in spring, one cut per week is recommended, if mulching possibly even more often. In drier periods, when the grass grows less, mowing can be reduced.

the right cutting height

Is your lawn not growing well? This may often be due to various factors. Grass which is both too long and too short inhibits healthy growth of the lawn. If grass plants are constantly cut too little, i.e. the lawn grass is generally too long, too few new side shoots are formed. In this case, the lawn may become patchy and thus makes room for weeds and moss.