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Planting time for roses

The rose is the Queen of Flowers and a beautiful addition any garden, it's no wonder it's one of the most popular garden plants. Because there are so many varieties of rose, you can find the right rose for every garden: Long-stemmed roses which grow up to 2 metres in height, classic bedding roses, standard roses and even groundcover roses, which are well suited for planting on slopes. When buying roses, make sure that you look for good quality - strong shoots and well-branched roots.

The planting time for roses is mid March to the middle/end of April depending on the weather. Choose a location which will give the plants enough air and light - ideally several hours of sunlight a day. However, the chosen location should not be really hot, really cold or damp to prevent the roses falling victim to disease or the attentions of pests. A cloudy day is ideal for planting roses.

Roses should be doused for at least 1-2 hours before planting but not for longer than 24 hours. The roots should not be allowed to dry out directly after a rose has been bought. The planting hole must be wide and deep enough to give the roots plenty of space. Loosen the sub-soil slightly with a spading fork. Before placing the rose in the planting hole, shorten the roots a little and cut off any damaged ones so that new roots form more quickly. Also remove any weak shoots and shorten the main shoot by 3 to 4 buds, or - for bush or standard roses - 2 to 3 buds.


rose bush


Then place the rose in the planting hole, making sure that the grafting point lies approx. 4 to 5 cm beneath the surface. Loosen the roots a little and spread them out in the hole. Mix the soil you dug out to make the hole with approx. 30% compost or manure before putting it back into the hole again. If you have heavy soil in your garden, add some coarse sand or gravel and chalk. Hold the rose in place whilst filling the hole and shake it a little so that the soil can distribute between the roots. Finally, tread the soil down firmly and give the rose a good watering. Once the water has drained away, you can pile up the remaining soil to height of approx. 20 cm to protect the rose from drying out and from frost. Remember to water the rose well from time to time during dry spells so that you can enjoy it flowering in all its glory from June onwards.

a person is cutting roses