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Window Cleaner with Wiper
Article No. : 5564-20
Versatile microfibre fleece cleaning
Surface Cleaner AquaClean
Article No. : 9342-20
For gentle cleaning of larger areas
combisystem Gutter Cleaner
Article No. : 3651-20
For cleaning and clearing gutters
Powerful battery-powered blower/garden vac for larger gardens and areas
Coupling with Flow-Control Valve
Article No. : 2976-20
Regulates or cuts off the water flow
For seed-bed preparation, soil loosening and weeding
Modular system for easy greening of walls
For increased water flow
Water Plug with Stop Valve
Article No. : 5797-20
Suitable for Water Connector, Art. 2797
Wash Brush with Elbow Joint
Article No. : 5560-20
Flexible even in corners
Scrubbing Brush with Elbow Joint
Article No. : 5562-20
The Scrubbing Brush for the corner
Wall Hose Bracket with hose
Article No. : 18005-20
Starter set with bracket and hose
Manoeuvrable, powerful and battery-powered – for the flexible care of larger lawn areas
For powerful cleaning in outdoor areas without a power and water connection
Ideal for changing accessories
Ideal for changing accessories
Complete Set for square and rectangular lawn areas
Complete Set for square and rectangular lawn areas
Spare parts list
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IPL, GARDENA, Running Water Handle 150 cm, Running Water Handle 90 cm, Telescoping Running Water Handle 055 - 260 cm, Window Cleaner with Wiper, 05550-20, 05552-20, 05554-20, 05564-20, 2015