Comfort Pruning Lopper 500 BL

Comfort Pruning Lopper 500 BL


08770-20-p-002 web only

Ultra-light and powerful at the same time

Thanks to the patented gear transmission, the lopper has particularly strong cutting power.

08770-20-p-003 web only

Extra light

Through the plastic handles, the Pruning Lopper is especially light.


Clean cut

Through the optimal cutting geometry and non-stick coated blades, the lopper easily slides through the wood.

25 years warranty web only

25-year warranty

The Pruning Lopper is a sustainable investment. A 25-year warranty guarantees highest quality.


Ultra-light and comfortable for cutting

The GARDENA Comfort Pruning Lopper 500 BL is ultra-light, easy-to-use, powerful and ideal for cutting green wood. Thanks to the new, patented gear transmission, the lopper has 38 % more cutting power. The precision-ground blades are non-stick coated and their optimised cutting geometry allows an easy and clean cut. The extra-light, ergonomically shaped plastic handles and grips allow comfortable, tire-free work. Double end stops are gentle on the wrists. With a total length of 500 mm and a weight of 620 g, branches with a maximum diameter of 35 mm can be cut. The warranty period is 25 years.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 8770-20
EAN-Code: 4078500877008


Maximum cutting diameter 35 mm
Length 50 cm
Cutting type Bypass
Blade Non-stick coated

Support & service

Robotic Service

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