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Mobile Garden Cart

Mobile Garden Cart



Storage space

In addition to the garbage bag, the Mobile Garden Cart offers storage options for two combisystem handles and two small devices – you will always have everything ready while removing debris from your garden.


Multi-use and durable

Thanks to its sturdy metal frame, the Mobile Garden Cart allows a load weight up to 70 kg – you can therefore also use it as a hand cart.


Easy filling

If you work on the ground, you can avoid tiring picking up and placing down because the height-adjustable bag holder allows convenient filling.


Garbage separation

As two bags can be secured next to each other, the Mobile Garden Cart is excellently suited for garbage separation.


2 in 1

The practical lid not only protects against smell and moisture – it can also be used as a dustpan.


Many uses in the home and garden

The GARDENA Mobile Garden Cart has multifarious uses, such as the convenient gathering and removal of garden debris, weeds, thatch or garbage. It is equipped with large, sturdy wheels with special tread that grip well and are gentle on the lawn, and a solid metal frame that allows a load weight of up to 70 kg. The lid with double function is practical: it protects against smells and moisture, and it can also be used as a dustpan. The rustproof material guarantees a long life. The height-adjustable bag holder facilitates filling of the garbage bag which can be secured with clips. The Mobile Garden Cart can also be used to separate trash because two bags can be secured next to each other. It provides storage for two combisystem handles and two small tools, e.g. combisystem tools, hand brush, etc. By removing the bag holder, the Mobile Garden Cart can also serve as a hand cart for conveniently transporting fruit- and beverage cases. Meanwhile, you can hang the rack and garbage bag on the wall. The GARDENA Mobile Garden Cart is completely equipped with a rack for mounting on the wall and a garbage bag.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 232-20
EAN-Code: 4078500023207

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