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GARDENA smart Battery BLi-40/100

GARDENA smart Battery BLi-40/100


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Charging Status

The current charging status can be verified via smart App at any time. Additional information is provided via app: during the charging process, when the battery is fully charged; during operation, in time before the battery is empty; and while in storage, when the battery requires recharging.

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Remaining Operation Time

The expected battery runtime for each application can be verified in the smart App.

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Integrated Alert Function against Overheating and Cold

There is a smart App notification if the battery or the device with the battery has been exposed to the sun for too long or the battery has been stored in a place that is too cold during the winter. This leads to longer battery lifetime.


The powerful and reliable energy source – provides information to the GARDENA Smart App

The strong and reliable energy source with easy-care lithium-ion battery cells. Detailed information on the charging status and operating time can be accessed via the smart App. The smart Battery can be quickly recharged at any time without memory effect. The LED display provides information on the charging level of the battery. Suited for use with the GARDENA Battery Lawnmower PowerMax™ Li-40/32 and PowerMax™ Li-40/41.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 19090-20
EAN-Code: 4078500025393

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