city gardening products for small urban gardens

Plenty of green, however small the space: Find helpful products for city gardening in small urban gardens.
Article No. : 15001-20
The Robotic Lawnmower for small urban gardens up to 250 m²
Classic Cylinder Lawnmower 330
Article No. : 4027-20
4027 CYLINDER LAWN MOWER Classic Cylinder Lawnmower 330
Handspreader M
Article No. : 431-20
For even distribution of spreading material on smaller areas
Comfort Sensitive Plant Sprayer
Article No. : 18321-20
Convenient sprayer for gentle watering of sensitive plants
Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx
Article No. : 8127-20
Compact Oscillating Sprinkler for small and medium-sized areas
Accu Grass Shears ClassicCut
Article No. : 8885-20
The handy and light Accu Grass Shears for your lawn edges
Accu Grass Shears ComfortCut
Article No. : 8893-20
The handy and highly comfortable Accu Grass Shears for your lawn edges
Accu Shrub Shears ComfortCut 30
Article No. : 8898-20
Lighter and handier than a hedge trimmer – but extremely powerful.

Expired products

Robotic Lawnmower R40Li
Article No. : 4071-60
The robotic lawnmower for an easy life, more free time and a perfect lawn. For rather small gardens with few complexity