Unadulterated fun with a garden pond

Garden Life
A nice, well kept pond has its charm at any time of the year. However, it does require regular work.
Whether animals and plants feel at home in this habitat is essentially down to water quality, and this is influenced by various factors such as sunshine, rainfall, and foliage. Although every habitat has a certain self-cleaning ability, if conditions go out of synch the water can start to stagnate.

The new, well stocked GARDENA Pond Pharmacy offers amateur gardeners everything they need for a healthy pond. The Vital products are used as preventative measures whilst the Activ products have a curative effect.

Acidity, nitrate-nitrite content and pH level are crucial to water quality. If these parameters are right, the self-cleaning mechanisms and ecological circulation processes work properly. Reason enough to put your precious water under the microscope - particularly in spring. Specific information about the condition of the water can be obtained quickly and easily using the practical GARDENA Pond Water Test. To prevent problems from occurring in the first place, patented GARDENA Pond Fit, for example, creates perfect living conditions for fauna and flora in the shortest amount of time possible: It regulates and stabilises the pH value, increases carbonate hardness and activates the biological self-cleaning ability of the habitat.

If your pond is suffering from an acute shortage of air, GARDENA Acid Plus can regulate the acid content of the water, thus promoting the healthy decomposition of waste products without the formation of toxic biogases. One problem that affects many ponds is acute algae growth. This is due to the phosphate content being too high. All organic materials, such as leaves, pollen, dead water plants etc., contain phosphates which are released during the decomposition of micro organisms. Before and after the winter are the best times to use GARDENA Phosphate Minus to counteract algae growth and the formation of pond sludge in advance or as a curative treatment.