Tub plants in autumn

Garden Life
After the full bloom of your tub plants and flowers in summer, these have now increasingly lost their petals in September. Autumn is approaching.
Perennial tub plants which are not winter-hardy and therefore belong indoors can remain outside protected against the wind and frost until about October. The following generally applies: leave the tub plants outside, protected, as long as weather conditions permit. This reduces the risk of pest infestation in the winter quarters. However, look out for the first signs of overnight frosts. Hibiscus and tropical plants in particular are quickly damaged by frost. Also reduce watering amounts so that plants stop growing and can concentrate on the ripening of their shoots.

Annual flowers must be re-sown every year. You can therefore take these out of the pot after they have bloomed and either dispose of them on the compost or in biological waste. It is best to clean the dirty flower baskets immediately before you forget. For this, fill a bucket with hot water, add a little washing-up liquid and clean the pots with this soap solution. Remove incrustations as far as possible. Allow the flower baskets and pots to dry and keep them over winter in as dry and clean place as possible. The next year they will then be ready for sowing flowers again.