Time for the raspberry harvest

Garden Life
Raspberries are popular garden plants thanks to their fruits. The berries have a high vitamin content and are therefore an extremely healthy fruit. Now the time has finally come to harvest the tasty, sweet berries. Summer raspberries are generally ripe for harvesting in June/July, autumn raspberries only between August and October.
The right time for harvesting is shown by the deep red colour of the raspberries. As the fruits are very sensitive to pressure, they must be harvested very carefully and are best eaten fresh. Depending on weather conditions, the bushes can be harvested two to three times per week until the onset of frost. The fruit can be used in many different ways: to make jam or jelly. Or the harvested raspberries can simply be eaten fresh or served on a cake.

Do you feel like a delicious raspberry dessert? Then simply try out our recipe suggestion.

Raspberry dream:
1 pot of cream
500 g of quark (low-fat quark)
2 tbsp. of sugar or vanilla sugar
1 – 2 small meringues, crumbled
400 g of raspberries, deep frozen

First the cream must be beaten stiff. Then mix the cream, sugar and low-fat quark together. Now alternately layer the quark mixture, meringue crumbs and frozen raspberries in a bowl. Then place the whole thing in the refrigerator for 3 – 4 hours, so that the raspberries thaw very slowly. Then the delicious, refreshing dessert is already ready for summer.