Protect your plants against frost with fleece

Garden Life
When the evenings begin to get colder and the first frosty nights are impending, it is time to care for the plants on the balcony and in the garden. Every gardener should be aware that every plant has its own needs regarding protection against the cold. Certain plants, for example small Mediterranean olive trees or citrus fruit trees must be brought into the cellar over winter, as otherwise they freeze to death in the cold outside. Other plants, in contrast, are hardy and can stay outside in the garden in winter without further protection.
For ideal protection against frost of plants which are sensitive to the cold, such as evergreen leafy plants, but also pot plants on balconies or terraces, it is strongly recommended to cover them with fleece or jute. The fleece can be cut into any shape and is therefore very easy to handle and also very suitable for small flower boxes. In addition, fleece protection greatly improves the living conditions of the plants. Rainwater, light and nutrients can get through the fleece to the plant unhindered. At the same time, heat and moisture is retained in the soil, so that less watering is required. Insects, snails or birds can also be kept away from the plants in this way.

If you use horticultural fleece together with gravel or mulch, this is the best protection against stubborn weeds, as it makes it difficult for them to grow roots. If weeds grow on the surface, you can remove these without much effort.

When the night-time frosts are over, you can easily remove the fleece from the plants again and use it again the next winter. It must be ensured that the fleece is dry in order to prevent mildew.