Prepare your cutting tools

Garden Life
In case you didn´t take care of your gear at the end of the last season you should do that now. That way you are still able to get a quick start into the new season. The condition of your gear, especially the blades, is the key to a good cut.
If you left your pruners, secateurs, clippers and loppers in your garden shed the last months winter might have harmed them. If you spot some oxidised areas take some steel wool and rub them clean. Check the links and put on some grease for smother operation. Now put on some GARDENA cleaning spray which prevents new rust and is good for conservation. 

And don´t forget to check the blades – let them sharpen if they are dulled or even replace them if necessary. 

After doing that you will have a good and easy first cut in the gardening year 2013.

Sharpening GARDENA Premium Secateurs

GARDENA Premium Secateurs BP 50 and BP 30 consist of an upper blade made of steel and a forged bottom blade. These GARDENA Premium Secateurs by GARDENA can be re-sharpened. If you wish to sharpen your secateurs yourself or have them sharpened by a professional, we recommend the high-quality GARDENA Secateurs made from stainless steel and forged steel. You can also obtain the upper blade of the Premium Secateurs as spare parts, and completely replace blades with deep notches. However, please ask a professional to change the blades.

Correct maintenance extends the cutting lifetime

After cutting your plants, we recommend that you clean them using a Cleaning Spray. This improves gliding qualities whilst at the same time reducing blade wear and protecting against rust. 

Even when you store your cutting tools in your garden shed, garage or cellar, it is also important to apply such a cleaning spray.

Look out for bad wood

After cutting affected wood, it is important to disinfect the blades. This prevents a transmission of fungal diseases.