Pre-seed vegetables

Garden Life
Some vegetable varieties, such as Savoy cabbage, cauliflower and lettuce, can be planted under glass in January. If you still have some old vegetable seeds at home, you should only use them if they are for smooth-skinned vegetables, and a germination test must be carried out in advance. To do this, simply moisten a piece of blotting paper or kitchen towel, spread a few seeds onto it, and watch to see whether the seeds start to sprout after a while.
Probably the biggest problem if you are growing plants from seed yourself is the lack of daylight and sunlight at this time of year. This can lead to poor plant quality and excessive linear growth. Fine seeds and seeds which require light to germinate should not be covered and need even more attention than coarse seeds. To ensure that seeds are not sown too close together, we recommend combining fine seeds with some sand. The optimum germination temperature is between 14 and 18°C. Please make sure that enough light and air is available. Once the seed leaves have developed and you can see the first foliage, germinating seedlings which are positioned too closely together should be replanted so that they are further apart.